Alleged 6 January Capitol Building Rioter Arrested After Date App’s Match Gives Him Up

The deadly 6 January US Capitol insurrection that disrupted the certification of Electoral College voting resulted in five deaths, including one police officer. The unrest has had major impact with hundreds of rioters throughout the country arrested and charged with various offenses.

A New York resident was arrested for reportedly entering the US Capitol during the 6 January uprising, after he boasted about it in dating app chat, Newsweek reported on Friday.

The suspect, Robert Chapman, matched with a woman in dating app Bumble and started a chat with her, bragging about his alleged involvement in the riot, saying that he “did storm the capitol” and “made it all the way into Statuary Hall.” He also noted that he spoke about his participation to press.

“We are not a match,” replied the woman, and Chapman answered: “I suppose not.”

After that the woman made screenshots and informed the FBI, but agents revealed more evidence of Chapman’s participation in the siege, including a number of Facebook posts with his photo inside the Capitol. In addition, the FBI identified him in surveillance footage recorded on 6 January.

Chapman was arrested on Thursday and later released on bail, after prosecutors charged him with illegal entry on restricted government property and disruption of government legal procedure. He awaits a May 19 preliminary hearing.

Federal agencies continue to investigate the 6 January uprising, with more arrests and people being charged with various degrees of severity. Charges are related to the US Capitol trespassing, violation of US government property, obstruction of government procedures, illegal weapons and violence. To date, about 390 people have been charged, according to USA Today data tracking.

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