Biden Says ‘Heartened’ By Putin’s Call During Climate Summit

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – President Joe Biden said on Friday that he was “heartened” by Russian President Vladimir Putin’s virtual call during the Climate Summit session and looks forward to working with Moscow on the issue of climate change.

“I’m very heartened by President Putin’s call yesterday for the world to collaborate, advance carbon dioxide removal and the United States looks forward to working with Russia and other countries in that endeavor as a great promise,” Biden said.

On 22 April, US President Joe Biden kicked off his ‘Leaders Summit on Climate,’ a two-day virtual event in which dozens of world leaders plan to meet and discuss the urgency – and possible economic benefits – of more aggressive climate action. Participants include leaders from China, Russia and the EU.

“We made a great progress in my view so far,” Biden said in his speech during the second day of the virtual summit organized by the United States.

Biden pointed out he considers the summit to be the start on a path that would take the international community to the United Nations conference on climate change in Glasgow in November. The US president urged the international community to fulfill commitments on climate change.

Earlier this month, the two presidents spoke on the phone and discussed a wide range of topics, including a strategic stability dialog between Russia and the US. During the conversation, Joe Biden suggested a bilateral meeting in person in the coming months.

At the same time, tensions between two nations have been tightening as the US has repeatedly accused Russia of interfering in the past presidential election. Following these accusations, the US introduced sanctions against several Russian companies and individuals, accusing them of links to the SolarWinds hack and purported meddling in the 2020 elections.

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