BLM Protestors in Minnesota Leave Rally After Learning Criminal Shot by Police Was White

Another wave of anti-racism protests had been triggered by the death of a black motorist who had been apprehended in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Daunte Wright was shot dead during a traffic stop on Sunday by a police officer, who claimed to have drawn and discharged a handgun instead of a taser by accident.

A group of BLM protestors in Minnesota had dropped to a knee and prepared to head off for a march after a reported officer-involved fatal shooting, but returned when they found out the shot suspect was white, FOX News reported.

A video was taken of a group of protesters kneeling near Gov. Tim Walz’s mansion in St. Paul over unconfirmed rumours of a police-involved fatal shooting.

The crowd, however, turned back and headed to Brooklyn Center for more information on the incident, after getting the word on some of the specifics of the shooting.

The Burnsville Police reported that the suspect was believed to be a white male in his twenties. The suspect had allegedly attempted to  carjack a female driver using a gun and fired at the police officers, who returned fire. The suspect was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

Video from a traffic camera later appeared online showing the suspect attempting to escape the police, jumping out of the car, seemingly pointing a gun at the officers, and charging toward an SUV.


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