Boris Johnson Denies He’s Ever Made Remark About ‘Letting Bodies Pile Up’ Amid Pandemic

The coronavirus situation in Britain remains tense despite the partial cancellation of restrictions in some parts of the country, as the overall tally is over 4.4 million, while the death toll from the pandemic has since reached 127,000.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson slammed a Daily Mail report on Monday, suggesting that he was ready to “let the bodies pile high in their thousands” in a bid to avoid lockdown. 

Asked whether he made such a statement, the prime minister said no, adding that people want the government to “make sure that the lockdowns work”.

A number of top officials have denied the claim. Defence Secretary Ben Wallace earlier in the day raised his voice to protect the head of the cabinet, saying that the report was false.

“It’s been categorically denied by practically everyone. We’re getting into the sort of comedy chapter now of these gossip stories – unnamed sources by unnamed advisers talking about unnamed events. None of this is serious. All the ‘who said, what said, what said’, I’ll leave that to the Oscar gossip columns that are now being rolled out today after last night, I’ll leave that to the Hello magazines of the world”, Wallace said.

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