Contagious Presidential Ambition? Meghan Markle Hires Ex-Hillary Aides, Bonding With Ex-First Lady

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have hired Genevieve Roth, a former Hillary Clinton campaign adviser and the founder of social impact agency Invisible Hand to help with their Archewell Foundation. The royal couple’s decision has added to the swirling rumours about a potential 2024 election bid by the Duchess.

Alaska-born Genevieve Roth previously served as the director of Creative Engagement for the 2016 Clinton presidential campaign and is also known for assisting then-President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle launch the “Let Girls Learn” initiative. The strategist was quoted as saying that she has “a lifelong commitment to gender equity”, and claiming that “all white people are rife with internalised racism”.

It’s Not Enough to Surround Oneself With Political Industry Insiders

It is hardly surprising that “the American Royals” hired an ex-Hillary campaign staffer, says GOP political consultant Anthony Angelini, stressing that he does not see it as an association with Hillary as much as simply an association with the “establishment”.

“The US has an underground class of political consultants who only seem to fail up”, he says. “The guiding doctrine seems to be that a failed campaign is the fault of the candidate, while a successful campaign is the glory of the consultant. Not to mention, Hillary had the entirety of the establishment left working on her campaign; if you wanted to run for president as a Democrat, it would be almost impossible to hire anyone good that didn’t also work for Hillary”.

It appears Markle believes that if she surrounds herself with enough political industry insiders, it will make her one, Angelini notes, highlighting that “that is not really how it works”.

Judging from her latest interview with Oprah Winfrey, the American-born Duchess of Sussex’s potential election platform will be based on race, gender, and identity politics, the GOP consultant suggests: “Those are the only topics she knows about enough to comment on intelligently”, he remarks.

Although the interview was a great platform for Markle, “the American media cycle is so fast-paced that every day that goes by her interview fades further and further from the collective American consciousness“, according to Angelini.

“We are so far out from 2024 that by the time she announces, the Oprah interview will be a distant memory”, he presumes. “She is best served by leveraging it to gain more insider political connections in the short term, then building up more media appearances later on that will be more effective”.

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