Cummings Reportedly Preparing Evidence to Blame PM Johnson for Huge Death Toll in Second COVID Wave

Dominic Cummings’ war of words with Downing Street began on Friday, when he released a full-fledged blog post, in which he denied leaking the details of the second coronavirus lockdown in England and private text messages sent by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson to tech boss James Dyson related to the two’s COVID-19 deal.

Boris Johnson’s former chief adviser Dominic Cummings plans to blame the UK prime minister personally for tens of thousands of deaths during the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, The Times has cited unnamed sources as saying.

The sources claimed that Cummings is preparing so-called “kompromat”, a dossier of evidence due to be delivered to MPs in late May and which will allegedly prove that Johnson’s intransigence significantly added to the catastrophic death toll of the second wave.

“Dominic has copies of everything and knows where all the bodies are buried. He was pushing the prime minister hard to lock down sooner in the autumn and he has lots of evidence that shows that his [Johnson’s] decision to delay led to devastating consequences”, one of the sources argued.

The accusations also include Johnson ostensibly making an obscene remark, saying that he ruled out any more “f****** lockdowns” regardless of the “bodies” in front of what are said to have been “shocked” political and civil service advisers. Downing Street rejected the allegations as “another lie”.

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