Cuomo Insists He Won’t Resign Over Scandals, Blames Trump for Nursing Home Controversy – Report

Cuomo has avoided questions about the ongoing inquiries into his alleged sexual misconduct and the purported cover-up of numerous deaths in the state’s nursing homes related to COVID-19. The governor’s press events have previously been closed to press attendance due to the coronavirus limitations.

In his first live press conference in months, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo categorically refuted all the accusations made against him since December and blamed former President Trump’s politics for the federal inquiry into his handling of the COVID-19 nursing-home deaths, Bloomberg reported on Monday.

“Federal government then started an investigation on Democratic states, just Democratic states, on nursing homes,” the governor said. “The political blame game, the federal government then actually turned into an investigation.”

According to a report by the New York Post, Cuomo went on to say that the controversy is “just more of the ugly politics of the day,” blaming Trump among others for making it “a very big issue.”

Cuomo, however, addressed some of the scandals threatening his future in office at a news conference in Syracuse, and reiterated that he would not resign, despite calls from several politicians, including some fellow Democrats and other public figures to do so.

The governor stated that investigations into allegations of sexual harassment against him will find no evidence of wrongdoing because he “didn’t do anything wrong.”

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