Dawn of the Telephone Age: A Retrospective Look at Early Modern Communications

There has been a major debate over the decades about who actually invented the telephone. While the Scottish-born Alexander Graham Bell was the first to receive a patent for the invention, the Italian inventor Antonio Meucci and American engineer Elisha Gray also contributed to what we now call telecommunications.

On 10 March 1876, just three days after receiving a patent, prominent engineer Alexander Graham Bell made the first phone call, marking a significant breakthrough in science.

Some 13 years later, on the same day in 1889, American businessman Almon Brown Strowger applied for a patent for what would become the first practical automatic telephone switch. He was awarded a patent in 1891, and the mechanism he invented revolutionised the telecommunications industry worldwide.

Sputnik invites you to open up pages from the past when phones were just phones, and the simple sound of a voice coming from another part of the world could fill people’s hearts with true happiness.

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