Debris From SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Hits Private Property in Washington State – Photo

The rocket, launched on 25 March from Cape Canaveral in Florida, took 60 new Starlink satellites into orbit.

Parts of a SpaceX rocket were discovered on a homeowner’s property in Washington state, according to the Grant County Sheriff’s Office. The debris was a 5-foot-long composite-overwrapped pressure vessel that split from the Falcon 9 rocket’s 2nd stage

“The widely reported bright objects in the sky were debris from a Falcon 9 rocket 2nd stage that did not successfully have a deorbit burn”, the National Weather Service in Seattle said.

The authorities noted that the owner does not want any attention from the press or from any people hunting for the debris.

​According to KOMO-TV, the parts of the rocket hit the ground, leaving a four-inch dent, however, no damages were reported from the debris.

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