‘Disaster Girl’ Makes Over $400,000 Off Her Internet Fame

Future sales of Roth’s non-fungible token are also expected to net her and her family a percentage off each purchase.

Zoe Roth, whose smiling face featured in the “Disaster Girl” meme over 15 years ago, has made several hundreds of thousands of dollars by selling a non-fungible token (NFT) of her original image, Market Watch reports.

The NFT  – “a certificate of ownership for a digital asset that is unique and are not meant to serve as a means of exchange” – was sold in a 24-hour auction this month for 180 units of Ether cryptocurrency, worth approximately $430,000 at the time of the sale and about $470,000 as of 27 April.

The media outlet notes, however, that “Ether’s value is volatile and can fluctuate by the minute.”