Dove of Peace: Pontiff Meets Iraqi Christians During First-Ever Papal Visit to the Mideast Nation

In early December, the Vatican announced a papal trip to Iraq from 5-8 March, where he would visit Baghdad, Najaf, Ur — which is famous as the birthplace of Abraham — and other cities.

The papal plane landed at Baghdad International Airport after taking off from Italy’s Fiumicino Airport on Friday morning. Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi arrived at Baghdad’s airport to receive Pope Francis.

The papal trip to Iraq will last until 8 March and includes visits to Baghdad, Najaf, Ur — thought to be the birthplace of Abraham — and other cities.

Ahead of the visit, the pope said in a special address to the Iraqi people that he would come to their country as a peace messenger to pray for reconciliation after the years of war and terrorism that have plagued Iraq.

Check out Sputnik’s gallery to see the historic papal visit to Iraq. 

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