Ghislaine Maxwell’s Lawyer Says Socialite’s Jail Cell ‘Was Pervasive Stench of Sewage’ Over Weekend

Maxwell’s attorney responded to prosecutors’ recent claims that Jeffrey Epstein’s pal has let her cell at the Metropolitan Detention Center go down the toilet, which, she charged, is far from being true.

Arrested socialite Ghislaine Maxwell’s Brooklyn jail cell is an unsanitary mess because of a broken sewage system at the jail, and not because she doesn’t flush her toilet, as prosecutors have claimed, her attorney Bobbi Sternheim, wrote in a new letter.

“The government’s letter provides the opportunity to flush out the persistent unsanitary conditions at the MDC, which long predate Ms. Maxwell’s detention,” Sternheim, who previously defended one of Osama Bin Laden’s henchmen, wrote in the letter filed Wednesday night in her Manhattan federal criminal case.
She then went on to detail the alleged sewage issues at the facility.

“This past weekend there was a pervasive stench of sewage in Ms. Maxwell’s unit necessitating guards to flush pipes by pouring water down open drains in an effort to trap and disperse gaseous emissions,” Sternheim wrote.

“At times the stench in Ms. Maxwell’s isolation cell has been overwhelming due to overflowing of toilets in the cellblock above,” the letter has it, continuing that Maxwell does her best not to use the bathroom in her solitary confinement, “due to lack of privacy,” but says that she flushes her toilet frequently, in line with advice from the guards.

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