‘Glamorous’ Windsor Intruder Fooled Guards, Claimed She Was ‘Engaged to Prince Andrew’

The reported incident occurred notwithstanding the fact that security at Windsor Castle and surrounding Royal buildings in the area had been on high alert on the day of the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral and several days prior.

A woman who claimed to be engaged to Prince Andrew was able to roam the grounds of the Royal Lodge in Windsor Great Park unrestricted and enter the royal’s house by simply impressing the guards with her ‘polished appearance’, reported The Sun.

The major security scare was triggered after the smartly-dressed  44-year-old intruder drove up in a cab to the official Windsor residence of the Duke of York shortly after 11 a.m. on 19 April.

The woman, who is said to have arrived in the UK from Spain on Saturday, the day of Prince Philip’s funeral just three miles away at Windsor Castle, demanded that one of the private security guards pay for her taxi, claiming she had a lunch appointment with Prince Andrew.

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