‘I’m What Royals Were Worried Baby Would Look Like’: Daniel Kaluuya Mocks ‘British Racism’ on SNL

During a bombshell CBS interview to Oprah Winfrey, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry claimed that there was some unnamed senior royal in the palace who raised “concerns” about “how dark” their baby Archie would be, while the Duchess of Sussex was still pregnant.

British actor Daniel Kaluuya sent sparks flying around the Saturday Night Live studio last night when he cracked jokes about “British racism”, claiming that he looked like what the royal family had nervously envisioned while anticipating Meghan Markle’s baby Archie.

“First of all, I know you’re hearing my accent and thinking ‘oh no, he’s not black, he’s British’,” the actor, who was born in London to Ugandan parents, started in his debut monologue on SNL.

“Let me reassure you that I am black. I’m black and I’m British. Basically I am what the royal family was worried the baby would look like,” the 2021 Oscar nominee said.