Newly Commissioned PLA Warships ‘Show Powerful Deterrent’, Analysts Say

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) showed a powerful deterrent to the US, Japan, Taiwan secessionists and others amid their provocations by revealing its new warships’ high combat potential and preparedness shortly after the vessels’ commissioning, analysts said on Monday.

The Type 075 amphibious assault ship Hainan, the first ship of its class in the PLA, conducted a series of exercises featuring helicopters, cushion craft and amphibious armored vehicles in an undisclosed marine region, China Central Television reported on Sunday, without revealing the exercises’ date.

During the exercises, the Type 075, often also dubbed a helicopter carrier, held Z-8 transport helicopters takeoff and landing operations on its large flight deck; it then released and recovered a Type 726 air-cushioned landing craft with its hangar dock. A Type 05 amphibious assault vehicle also drove out of the hangar dock of the Hainan as the armored vehicle marched toward its target from the sea, the report shows.

This is proof of the Hainan’s capability to launch assaults from air and sea, making landing operations much more sophisticated and efficient compared with other landing ships that cannot host as many helicopters, observers said.

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