Researchers Call for Action as New Findings Reveal Lockdown Has Reduced Brits’ Sex Drive

Scientists found out that men were hornier than women before and during the COVID-19 lockdown in the United Kingdom.

A new joint study by Bournemouth University and the University of Roehampton has revealed that COVID-19 quarantine measures imposed in the United Kingdom have affected the sexual lives of young adults aged between 18 and 32.

The study found that sexual desire among this age group was lower during lockdown compared to pre-lockdown for men and women, but for men the difference in desire was much greater. 

Heatwave Predicted in UK Next Week as Lockdown Measures EasedThe research also showed that in general, men reported overall higher sexual desire compared to women before lockdown.

The scientists say that the difference in desire between the genders is consistent with other COVID-19 research and could be due to increased levels of stress for women as a result of additional domestic work, plus an increase in anxiety and depression associated with such factors as children spending more time at home due to closed schools. 

The researchers also note that previous studies suggested symptoms of depression disproportionately affected young women.

The study stresses the importance of considering the impact of lockdown measures on sexual desire and behaviour and the means of mitigating the negative effects.

The study’s researchers Liam Wignall and Mark McCormack also wrote in The Conversation that as the UK follows the “road map out of lockdown” it is important to consider the suddenly available extra freedom and how those whose sex lives had been restricted will respond to it, warning about possible new “roaring 20s.”

They also urged the government to support sexual health and wellbeing, pointing at sexual health and reproductive services in the UK is limited or closed during the lockdown, and adding that access to contraception including condoms was restricted for young adults.

Strict COVID-19 lockdown measures in the UK were eased on 29 March in line with a government “roadmap out of lockdown,” with the “stay at home” order already lifted to allow groups of six people or two households to meet outdoors, while amateur outdoor sports is also once again allowed.

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