Spanish Police Find Terrorist Material, 3D Printed Guns in Tenerife ‘Weapons Workshop’ Raid

The raid took place in September last year and was revealed on Sunday due to a judge ordering the details to remain secret, media reported.

Spanish authorities announced on Sunday they had raided a workshop on building 3D printed weapons.

Two 3D printers were found with numerous gun components, two tasers, a machete and replica assault rifle at the site in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

The workshop, the first of its kind discovered in Spain, revealed urban guerrilla training, white supremacy and terrorism material, police said in a statement.

The reported workshop owner, a Spanish citizen working as an administrator of a nursing home in the Canary Islands, was charged with illegal possession of weapons and explosives, El Pais reported on Sunday.

​Police said in a statement operations had begun after investigators found a person was attempting to sell explosives and firearms on the internet, leading to the raid in Tenerife.

Police said they found a 3D printer “printing a short rifle frame which was virtually complete” along with material on making explosives and 3D printed firearms, reports revealed.

The statement added Spanish police were leading operations “at the European level” in the EMPACT FIREARMS framework, which aims to tackle illicit arms trafficking along with the numerous organisations.

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