‘Toxic’ Cuomo Was Cheating on His Longtime Girlfriend Sandra Lee With Aides, Former Staffers Claim

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is battling at least 10 sexual harassment and misconduct accusations from current and former staffers, reporters, and some random encounters who allege that the politician acted inappropriately towards them in the past – even while he was still dating his long-term lover Sandra Lee.

Several of Andrew Cuomo’s former staffers have told the New York Post that they believe the governor was cheating on his girlfriend of 14 years Sandra Lee with some of his employees, with one ex-aide alleging that his infidelity was “an open secret” among his close circle of workers.

“Andrew was sleeping with at least one other woman who wasn’t Sandra” before the two officially broke up in 2019 and the famed TV cooking show host moved to California, the ex-staffer says.

Another former aide, who also chose to remain anonymous, told the outlet that State Troopers once witnessed how the governor was leaving the Mount Kisco house he shared with Lee with one staffer in the early morning when they came to pick him up for work.

“There was no reason for this woman to be there so early”, the ex-aide said over a suggestion that the two could have been just working together.

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