UK Deserves Better Than Cabinet ‘Backbiting’, Shadow Health Secretary Says Amid Leaks Scandal

LONDON (Sputnik) – UK lawmaker and shadow health secretary, Jonathan Ashworth, said on Tuesday that the Conservative government should try to correct its wrong-doings in handling the COVID-19 pandemic instead of focusing on “fighting and backbiting” over recent leaks and claims about Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s conduct.


“It’s crazy, when the country is in such a mess this is what they are focusing on, this fighting and backbiting. Surely the country deserves better than this”, Ashworth told Sky News.

The lawmaker claimed that not paying sick pay, not having the proper Personal Protection Equipment for health staff earlier and delaying going into COVID-19 lockdowns were among the things the government got “desperately wrong” during the pandemic.

He also mentioned the fact that 400,000 people with cancer, heart diseases and children with eating disorders have been waiting over a year for treatment.

“These are the issues I want the prime minister and the cabinet to focus on”, the shadow health secretary stressed.

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