US Judge Denies Release of Police Body Camera Footage to Media in Andrew Brown Case

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – Judge Jeffery Foster denied on Wednesday the request to release the police body camera footage of officers shooting and killing Andrew Brown in Elizabeth City, North Carolina earlier in the month.

“Good cause does not exist for granting the petition of the media petitioners, and therefore that petition is respectfully denied by the court,” Foster said during a court hearing in the Brown case.

The judge cited concerns including the privacy and safety of the individuals involved in the case, as well as the impartiality of the court and ongoing investigations into the shooting of Brown.

Andrew Brown Was Murdered With ‘Kill Shot to Back of Head’, Autopsy Reveals

Under certain conditions, body camera footage can be released to the media and the public, however, the judge determined that those conditions do not apply in this case.

Brown was shot and killed while attempting to drive away from police officers who were executing a warrant. While Brown’s legal team has described the killing as an execution, law enforcement has stated that due to Brown’s criminal history, they considered the engagement to be high-risk and dangerous.

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